**The Broken Heart **

"The Broken Heart" 

This is more than just about pure gratitude.
I hope u guys can see beyond that, if u can then you're great!
This is more than just emotions, if u realize that you're awesome.

So here is it..
When we give all we have and all we can, we expect a certain level of gratitude,call it kindness. Fair enough?
Well at least from where i come from, everyone deserves it. They do.

But what happens when we keep giving and realize some day its only for the benefit of others and never ourselves?

What happens when we wake up one day to realize we've done everything we could and we're at the wits end?
What happens when we really and unimaginably want some love in return.
What happens when we feel we never will and have never gotten it.
What happens when we feel we really do deserve it.
What happens when we realize we've been too nice.
What happens when we feel they don't really deserve it.
What happens when we feel we've been treated like a doll, a very happy looking doll
A happy front always, no possible sadness anywhere around the corner even.
What happens when we realize we've been that doll, that's not supposed to get upset at all.
A doll that's only meant for the happiness it gives?
My whole point is,never take the happiness and easiness of one for granted
I might be the happiest and at my best but that's not what u always can see
There's something beyond that
Someone who rightfully deserves as much love and care that they give.
& i wish you could see that.
Well, when one day I realize u're not worth my tears i might quit.
Then its too late.

You'll miss the greatest girl on the phase of planet (Me Of-course ;) You'll miss that one girl that knows u the best
That one girl who will make u happy
That one girl who will keep u happy for the rest of ur life
That one girl who can never see u hurt
That one girl who has just so much more to give every other day.
U will miss all of these.
And best of all you will miss ME.

Just remember if someone could laugh about ur pain
Laugh at ur tears
Then obviously they weren't ur frends to begin with.

With Broken Heart , 
 Me (Girl) 

Written By a Girl , 

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Eswar said...

Very Touchable poem. great. Touchable words. nice. now i am cry

Lakshmi said...

heart touchable poem. lines&words are very sad(why)
life is beatuiful enjoy it. don't worry be happy.

Anonymous said...

today, i have made some important modifications in adding a label feed in google reader ....see it....d...

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