One day a little girl was crossing a bridge along with her father. The father asked his daughter to hold his hand, so that she did not fall into the river. The little girl said: ‘No, dad, you hold my hand’. ‘What is the difference?’ he asked.
‘There is a big difference,’ she said, ‘When I hold your hand and if something happens to me, chances are there for me to let your hands go. But if you hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what happens, you will never let my hands go’.

Yes! Our parent’s care gives a soothing touch to you. Take hold of it. 


John was not handsome. He was short and had a hump on his back. He was dark too.
One day he went to his father’s friend’s house. He had a beautiful daughter. She was like a rose. John liked her at the very first sight. But she disliked John’s figure. John had to go out of station on business. He made a chance to see her. But she refused to see him. John asked her, ‘Do you believe that marriages are made in heaven?’ ‘Yes, she said’. John continued, ‘In heaven when a boy child is born God will tell the girl he has to marry. In the same way when I was born, he showed me my future wife. God said, ‘John, your wife will be a hunchback’. I said immediately, ‘No God! Give that hunchback to me and my beauty to her!’
Now Rosy said holding John’s hands: ‘Yes, now I believe all the more that truly marriages are made in heaven.’


A board was hung on a shop ‘Dogs for sale’.
A boy asked – ‘What is the price?’ From 50 to 100’, said the shopkeeper. The boy put his hand in the pocket took the money and said ‘I have 5 rupees can I see the dogs?
The shopkeeper whistled and called “Lady”.
The dog with 5 pup’s all white in colour jumped and came. The fifth pup came slowly. The shopkeeper said, “A vetenary doctor said that, “this pup’s hip joint is not there, so it will limp throughout the life”. ‘I want only this pup”, said the boy. The shopkeeper said, ‘Don’t buy this dog, buy another. But I will give this pup free’. The boy said ‘You need not give me free, charge for it as you do for the other dogs. This pup is also worth paying’. The shopkeeper again said, ‘Don’t buy this pup, it can’t jump and play with you as other dogs’.
The boy lifted his pant and showed his leg which had a iron brace. ‘Sir! I too cannot run and play. This pup needs a owner who is like me to understand his disability.
Yes friends! Have concern for the weak.

Many of the present day youth are crazy about foreign things. They ignore homemade goods and have pride in owning foreign goods.
A friend of mine was crazy about foreign goods. Every thing in his room was foreign.
One day something fell in his eye. He was complaining of severe pain and taken to an eye specialist. The doctor knew him very well. He examined his eye carefully and said. ‘You have exactly what you like most. A foreign material is in your eye. Should I remove it or you prefer to keep it? My friend was red with shame.


with love,  

    Renu . . 

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Lakshmi said...

very nice&beutiful stories

Eswar said...

எல்லாம் சரி ரேணு எனக்கு இங்கிலீஷ் தெரியாதே. எனக்கு மீனிங் புரியாதே ரேணு (சோகம்) அடுத்த தடவை தமிழா ப்ளாக் போடு ரேணு. ஆனால் முதல் கதை அருமை
தொடர்க உன் பணி ரேணு. வாழுத்துக்கள்.
அன்புடன் ஈஸ்வர்

sudhan from callezee said...

all stories were awesome.they tell us the real thing in life.

Anonymous said...

unna polave awesome ah iruku renu un stories, real eye opener ... keep going ... my wishes chella kutty

Yuresh Kumar said...

awwwwww renu super da.... this post is really awesome... what u said is 200% true.... nice one yaar... keep going... we all rock the world... u rock renu... hshake... flowers for u.... :) looking forward more blogs from u da... all teh best... wink

Renu said...

Amma...enoda blogku nee first comment potathuku am very happy...romba perumaiyavum iruku amma...thanx a lot!!!

Renu said...

Eswar ungaluku antha alavuku purinjatha ok ok athu pothum hehe...thank u eswar wink...

Renu said...

Hi sudhan, thanx a lot...

Renu said...

wowwwww akka unmayava shy shy...hehe...luv u akka...thanku so muchhhhhhh

Renu said...

Awwwwww yuresh...aama 100% percent kelvi patu iruken athena 200% hmmm extra fittinga 1beat...ivalavu yosika vachidicho enoda blog unaya hehe....yes yes yuresh we always rock handshake...thanx for ur luvly comment my friend wink...

Anonymous said...

wow superb stories renu :)

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